Monday, June 01, 2009

Because women want to be good cooks not great chefs

plat principal

All you have to do is take a look at the abundance of cook books and recipes that appear on the shelves and in women’s magazines to know women are obsessed with cooking.

However this is always, without question about cooking the family meal or cooking to show off to friends over dinner. If a young boy reads cookbooks (usually his mothers) he immediately wants to be a chef.

Being a chef is a challenge and a kind of art. It’s difficult. As seen in earlier posts, women don’t want to try too hard when they can keep it simple and just get a man to do it for them anyway. In this way they leave the field to the men – for the most part.

Spending hours in the day on preparing a meal that will be gulped down without thinking for a group of people who are so used to getting what they want from you that they forget to say thank you is not an achievement. All the evening meal needs to be is nutritious, and pleasant to eat.

For women this is yet another opportunity to complain that they are unappreciated and that no one cares about their efforts. Making food for people who are only eating because they are hungry and have no choice in what they are eating anyway, is not an opportunity to be appreciated. It is an opportunity for hungry human beings to eat; nothing more, nothing less. To demand that people be grateful for the effort you made when no effort was asked in the first place, nor necessary to the process is poor sport indeed. No wonder women feel unappreciated all the time.

In romance novels, women rarely – if ever - spend all day cooking in the kitchen – unless they are a chef. Gourmet cooks who have enormous talent are always chefs, or in the food industry of some description.  Women don’t feel unacknowledged because their three year old won’t eat their fois gras or because their oafish husband doesn’t appreciate a good truffle.  They, like their lovers, enjoy their food then get on with their lives.


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