Friday, June 26, 2009

Because women won't date nice guys

Rider on a chopper

Deception can be appealing

We’ve seen before that women leap into marriage before they’re ready and often to the wrong man just to avoid being single and branded as a ‘failure’ in their life’s ‘true purpose.’

Another thing women do that defies all common sense is they go for the ‘bad boy.’

Men complain that women don’t go for nice guys, and the main reason they think this is because its true. Women have dressed up the bad boy image to such an extent that they can’t help but fall hopelessly as soon as he enters the room.

But what is really going on here?

If they’re in a bar, and there is a large muscle bound man with a dark shock of unruly hair falling into his yes trying to avoid a real fight with a guy that’s goading him, they’ll fall for him right away. Or if they’re sitting with their girlfriends and he walks up and lets her know that she’s driving him wild and he wants her, she may fall for it.

However, if they start a relationship, and they’ve been together for a while, does she still want him donning the tight black t shirt and dipping down to the pub for a while? I don’t think so.

Women are attracted to the bad boys for one reason and one reason only; because they want THIEIR beauty to be the thing that tames him. They want him SMITTEN. The attraction to a bad boy is all about her charm turning him into a good boy. Women want to tame the bad boy, not have him be bad forever.

The sweet guy, the one that is holding back in order to be respectful has already been tamed. There will be no road to Damascus conversion there.

Women need to get over this control desire if they are to actually find mates that are compatible and have similar long term wishes as they do, if they want a long term relationship.

In romance novels almost every hero, without exception is an untamed bad guy. Every hero without exception is totally smitten by the unique desirability of his mate, and every hero without accepted changes his life’s desire from being a rebel to making his new cherished wife happy. He’s a bad boy no more.



  1. Interesting take on this aspect, I just wrote an article on the same thing today. :) I think, though, that if a woman were to "tame" a true bad boy, she would end up losing interest in him as a result. I think she likes the idea of taming him, or at least that he has chosen her, but I don't think she would want him to lose that edge that sets him apart from other guys.

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  3. True that! This is the "bad boy" photographed on the chopper above speaking. :) First they like you for being a bad boy, and then when they get you, they try to change you (tame you), and if you change, then you are just not what they liked you for anymore. And you know, that's like trying to turn a tiger into a rabbit. No matter how much you work on it, it just won't happen! It's just a matter of time when the "rabbit" starts roaring and attacking again. That's genes we are talking about.