Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Because women won't play games during sex

Pink handcuffs

The harder they are the bigger they fill

When it comes to sex, women have even less imagination than men, and that is ereally saying something.

Like men, women tend to get their clues from how sex should be from porn, however unlike men, porn has nothing to do with female pleasure. It’s no wonder women keeping thinking that sex is unpleasant.

Of course this is true in the early days, but in the early days she is trying to impress you. You remember how it used to be right? When touching the back of her knee produced sounds that made you think she was having an orgasm (because let’s face it, how else can you tell if she’s having an orgasm). So what went wrong? Why does the sex get so dull?

Women tend to be very inhibited in bed, and because they take their cues from porn, they think that lying back with their legs spread and doing nothing but moaning and occasionally swearing brings not one, but many orgasms. When (not if – WHEN) this fails, women tend to be at a loss about what to do about the whole business.

So it just gets too hard – or not hard enough as the case may be.

This is when women need to be brave, and try new things. Experiment with their own sexuality and get excited about some more aggressive roles they could play. Rare is the man indeed who wouldn’t’ want to be a part of some sort of pleasure game that his wife thinks up.

IN romance novels couples play games in every way you can imagine all the time; particularly in erotic romance novels. Women are not having orgasms from receiving a penis in their mouth till they’re sick – it takes a little more than that. Women love to see the exciting ideas and games that couples come up with, and maybe, if you let them read their erotic romance, they may come up with a game or two for your bedroom.



  1. I may be the shy guy with a great deal less experience than other men brag about having, but the experience I've had (I'm 53 and divorced, with 5 adult kids) tells me that women simply don't like talking about their sexual tastes. I've often wondered if this had to do with a fear of intimidating the man?

    "Rare is the man indeed who wouldn’t’ want to be a part of some sort of pleasure game that his wife thinks up." - This certainly sums up my feelings! :mrgreen:

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