Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Because women won't take advantage of feminism

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“I’m furious about the women liberationists. They keep getting up on soap boxes and proclaiming that women are brighter than men. That’s true but it should be kept very quiet or it ruins the whole racket.” (Anita Loos)

We’ve seen before that men make feminism all about them. Seeing as the idea of feminism is principally about the position of women, you would wonder how women have allowed this to happen.

And yet they have.

It’s been argued that men have held women back for their own privilege and this is true, but women have been gaining a great deal from this bargain as well.

If a clumsy definition of the survival of the fittest is the creature that is able to propagate with minimal effort and can get other creatures to act as its slave, then surely women must be at the top of the list. Under patriarchy, a woman ONLY had to reproduce. She didn’t have to get her own food, build her own shelter, get her own water or defend herself in battles. She has been able to convince a man to do all these things for her while she does nothing but reproduce.

Plus, to ensure men never wake up from their slavery, she’s argued that this is all to THEIR advantage. They are the ‘rulers’ and she (at home doing nothing) is the poor slave.

Is it any wonder that so many women won’t embrace feminism? For a start they don’t want men to know they’re in on the joke, but more importantly they don’t want to give up their position at the very top of the food chain. After all, the female at the top of the food chain is the only one who knows FOR SURE that it is her child they are both raising.

Take a look around. If feminism gives women so many more rights (and it does) why are so few women really taking up the opportunities it provides? Why are so many women still allowing marriage to take place? Why are so many women still restricting themselves to one man? Why are so many women willing to give up so much freedom and choice, to live under misogyny?

Because they live at the absolute top of the food chain.

In romance novels, women act like a new breed. They’ve discovered the pleasures of genuine hard work as well as worked out ways to exist with men in conditions of mutual respect. Women don’t have to give anything up to be ‘cared for’ and neither do men. Men are not expected to provide for an entire family, all the pressures of survival on their shoulders. The two capable adults work together to produce family, and this is what every protagonist in a romance novel is working toward.


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