Thursday, July 16, 2009

Becaue women think they have to act like porn stars to get attention

Beautiful legs and money for a white background

The harder they are the bigger they fill

Even though porn is made for men, marketed to men, directed at men and purchased predominantly by men, women have gotten it into their heads that porn is what men really like.

I’m not sure where this came from. Just because every blonde with huge three quarters exposed cleavage gets more attention than even the most devoted faithful girlfriend, it doesn’t mean its what men really want.

At least this is what women are told.

But women aren’t stupid. They get into a relationship, they give the man everything they know he wants, then he ogles the chick he claims he doesn’t want, and no surprise – the woman is confused.

So how does she cope with this?

Instead of thinking – ‘he’s not worth it, he’s incapable of showing the same restraint i do when I walk past building sites or fire stations – she thinks; if I dress like that, he will want me in the same way.

Of course, SHE is part of what makes the other woman attractive. She wouldn’t appeal to him half as much if his girlfriend wasn’t there to get offended. But for a woman, this is difficult to understand. She loses all perspective – which of course makes the whole trick work much better.

If women took the courage to say to a partner with a wandering eye – you know what, I don’t want it – the men would stop doing it immediately! (Remember marriage is his idea not hers) They don’t want to do anything that actually jeopardises their own relationship.

However they do want to treat them mean to keep them keen.

So women fall for the line and act like porn stars; dressing in revealing clothing, wearing deeply uncomfortable shoes, in order to keep their man interested. It won’t work of course, because he’s not interested in the look, he is playing games he thinks will keep her interested.

In romance novels, some women do dress like porn stars  - but it is only in the bedroom, with their guy, and after a special agreement that they will play a certain game for a while.


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  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Men enjoy the pleasing figures of attractive women. Not just single men but all men. If you are in a loving relationship and secure that you love each other then your man looking every now and then shouldn't matter becauseh you know he loves you. If your relationship isn't strong enough work on that not on blaming him for looking. Get some self confidence for gods sake. Maybe your man should be jealous and insecure that you feel the need to read smutty romance novels? If anyone is playing games it's the women who use this tired pseudo logic to justify their frustration.