Sunday, July 05, 2009

Because all men secretly think they're alpha males


Ask any man what an alpha male is, and you get an aggrandised version of himself.

The sports jock will tell you that it is an a league football player, the small business man will tell you it’s Rupert Murdoch, the funny guy will tell you it’s the latest hottest comedian, the good looking guy will tell you it’s the male model dating the female models and the musician will tell you it’s Oasis.

In other words, an alpha male is the man you’re talking to plus some. The ultimate alpha male is anywhere he sees himself   a) in the future   or   b) where he would be if he could be bothered really trying.

Sometimes, some of the more thinking men will tell you who the world thinks the alpha male is, but who they really KNOWS it is.

The guy who reads books all the time will tell you that most people think it’s the football jock, but it’s really the Nobel laureates.

The activist will tell you that most people think it s the business man but it’s really Ghandi or Nelson Mandela.

There are two things that all men agree the alpha male must have; Money and a lot of women. By this logic, even someone whose sexuality is as suspect as Hugh Heffner is seen as an alpha male by most men. (Hey - the guy turns every woman into Barbie. This is NOT the behaviour of a straight man)

In romance novels the men are usually alpha males. What defines them as such is independence, strength over themselves, the ability to make things happen and get what they want, and a slight obsession with the woman of their dreams that never goes and never dies. Now THAT’s a true alpha male.



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