Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Because even though women know how to change a tyre - they won't

Smiling mechanic in coveralls holding tire

What you get is not always what you see.

There are many things women won’t do; because they know it will get them nowhere. There are games they know they have to play, and tricks they know they have to adhere to, in order to advance themselves socially, or at work.

Women will work these little social nuances to their advantage choosing to follow along with the crowd over making a stand and making a difference.

Of course, as we have already seen, sometimes it has to do with pure laziness. If he changes the tyre because he gets to pat you on the head and calls you the little woman, most women would have happy to accept the insult, just so they don’t have to change the tyre.

Although it is bad for her long term position a woman will often take advantage of a situation for her personal gain.

Here are ten things women will do that get her off the hook instead of have her be honest about what’s really going on:


1.  She will squeak in fear at a mouse or a spider. Put that same woman alone in a room with the mouse or spider and her baby, and see how ‘macho’ she can be.

2.  She will ask for help to change a light bulb or reach something high. What does she do when you’re not there? Get a ladder.

3.  Fake being dumb in trivia. Women will do this out of fear of being exposed as dumb and not knowing the answers – usually they don’t.

4.  Use a flirting technique at work. This is a really ugly one, but women will use it to get ahead.

5.  Fake an orgasm.

6.  Fake a headache.

7.  Complain about being so fat when they are really skinny.

8.  Say they’re comfortable in high heels.

9.  Refuse to change a tyre.

10.  Say they can’t help it, they are just bad with money, when they’ve been shopping all day and spent the rent money.

 (Do you have any to add to the list?)

It has been said that men take advantage of women, but if the sign of dominance is doing the least amount of work (according to the biological determinists) then women must be at the top of the food chain.

In romance novels, women are always self sufficient. The dependant sluggish female is very unattractive to the predominantly female readers, despite the fact that women will sometimes take advantage of stereotypes. I guess women ultimately would rather read about them than actually be them.



  1. I make my husband change the light bulbs because I'm lazy. Then I beat everyone in trivial pursuit. I'm also very comfortable in heels, but that is probably because my feet have lost all feeling after years of abuse.

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