Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because male desire is manufactured


Men can’t actually decide what to like on their own, so they need to be told.

We now know from eminent evolutionists that the primary point of attraction between males and females is the mind. People couple over the intellect more than any other method of attraction; you’re more likely to choose and intellectually compatible mate over any other. 

This relatively new information is not consistent with the traditional masculine ideal, which states that all men prefer young women (who look like Barbie) to any other.

So in step the men’s soft porn mags to make sure we don’t forget what a real man is – and we don’t lose the opportunity to market to him so that he spends lots of his money being a ‘real man’. We need to sell him the mags, of course, fancy cars, t shirts and those scented football jerseys one hangs in the car from the rear view mirror.

His grip on the traditional male is already weak, so if you play to the hetero dude inside, puffing him up, telling him that he really does exist and he really does deserve to be nurtured, you are more likely to sell more merchandise.

Because men are not yet ready to admit that a thinking woman is ten times sexier than a D cup, they are happier to turn in fantasy to women in soft porn. Of course, it is important that these women don’t actually LOOK like women – they have to look like the dolls men’s sisters played with when they were kids that the little boys wished belonged to them.

In romance novels men are not attracted to images of women that have been made up to look like dolls. They prefer real women. They prefer to be making love to real women, and they always prefer to be intellectually turned on by their women.


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