Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Because men are enamoured with their own ability to think

the idea!

We’ve seen in previous posts that men secretly think they are geniuses. We have also seen that they all think they’re alpha males.

They also have a problem with confusing opinion with fact.

Men think their ideas are facts. Perspective is something that is lost on men. Women are creatures who try to get you to change your mind and have no concept of reality – not humans with an alternate view point.

Unfortunately for the world, men have (in the past) been the ones deciding the direction of the human race in every endeavour. That is, they decide what direction science takes, philosophy, medicine, literature, religion, mathematics, and any other great thought structure. This means, still today, male perspective is mistaken for fact.

There are people looking into this and working out what to do about it, but it remains that men have an under developed capacity for recognising their ideas as ideas. They still think when something occurs to them, that they have resolved and issue or worked something out – not that something has occurred to them.

It is getting better. Men are starting to learn that others have view points as well. However, it is still a very rare man indeed that is able to recognise his thought process as a thought process and not a series of rational and logical progression that have led him undeniably (through the power of lucid deduction) to a fact.

In romance novels, men are often in love with their own ideas, but what is usually written into the story is their progress to humanity as they work out that other ideas or opposing ideas are not illogical, irrational or wrong, they are simply different. For intelligent women, to follow a male character in a book as he works this out is a very exciting dip into the world of fantasy.


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