Friday, July 17, 2009

Because men don't shower enough

Happy man under shower.

Don’t throw the bathwater out, baby

Although this is another of those posts where things do seem to be changing, men still need to have a better understanding of the smells their body omits, and stop seeing them as fabulous opportunities for a joke.

Men are enamoured by their own bodies odor. They tend to see sweat patches at the gym as a sign they’ve worked out very hard, they see their farts as a brilliant joke and they all on mass simply seem to have no idea that their feet smell at all.

They do claim on mass to love the smells that come from women as well, but that changes drastically when women get older. They do think young women bordering on the brink of just being over puberty smell wonderful, while they think older women – grandmothers particularly – do not smell wonderful naturally.

Their bodies, however, smell good all the time.

It’s not a huge request – just a little one. Please make sure that your arm pits don’t stink so much. Its really easy to check and its really easy to fix. Just please do it.

In romance novels men shower as often and as thoroughly as the women do unless they are heinous villains. End of story.


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