Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because men hate that they need women so much

a happy couple

It infuriates men that they need women.

Ultimately, the main reason they need women, is to make babies. A woman can make a baby with sperm in a cup, but a man really needs a flesh and blood woman for nine full months to make a baby.

This poses many problems. The main one of which is, men are dependent on women, and women are not dependant on men.

This inequity has seen men, for as long as we’ve been walking without dragging our knuckles on the ground, trying to rectify the balance.

The best way to explain this and retain self esteem for men has been to claim they want women to have constant sex with. By claiming this is why they REALLY want the women around, men will get to look like super studs as well as diminishing the real desperate need they have to keep women on their side.

At the end of the day, however, men don’t just need women to make babies. They need them to build up their flagging self esteem, they need them to look after their most basic needs, they need them to do all the jobs their mother refuses to do anymore, and these days they need them for all of the above, with bringing in the money added to the list.

In romance novels it is no secret to anyone that men need women desperately. Women in real life know that men need them (mainly because it’s so damned obvious) and so when they read about sexy warrior style men who openly claim they need their woman (note they always want THEIR woman) for companionship, solidarity and endless rounds of hot long lasting sex – they find it difficult to forget this world exists. No matter how questionable the writing may be.


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