Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Because men like to 'fund' women's emancipation

business negotiations - 2 men 2 women

Men have been paying for women - at least in our culture – for centuries. In the past it has been the wife or the whore, both being women who traded themselves for money.

Now days it still happens, but it has been disguised as ‘investment’.

Take a good hard look around, and you will find men ‘investing’ in women’s ‘freedom’.

For men, it is very difficult to control women these days. You have to be far more creative than you used to be. Women have their own money now and are creating their own opportunities. So if you can’t get her to sleep with you, there are very few options left.

One is investment.

Women are accepting financial assistance from men, who have nothing creative to contribute to the project, but by injkecti9ng a lot of funds, they get to retain their place as an advisor to whatever the woman is doing.

Often men who can’t get the woman to fall in love with them – or can’t be with the woman they want to control (usually because they’re married or too proud to be seen with her) will invest in her business, her creative project, or ‘hook her up with’ a major connection in her life that will take her far. In fact, it would be very difficult for a woman to get far with no favours from a man at all. Yet it would still be very easy for a man to get ahead without ever seeing a woman, let alone needing her favours.

Like all financial exchanges between men and women, this favour requires a great deal of back payment, and is usually binding way past the actual repayment of the investment. Interest alone is not what he wants. Men have always thought their money bought them a great deal when it comes to women.

In romance novels men often invest in women’s projects, but they do so to support her, not to secretly hold power over her. The hero wants to see her fly, because he knows that a happy partner is a secure long term partner and we all know that is what all men want.


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