Saturday, July 11, 2009

Because men think footballers are talented, clever people

High school football tackle

The way I see it, football is the male equivalent of beauty pageants. And just like beauty pageants, when a footballer plays the game, he needs to sign a contract that controls his off field behaviours.

There is a lot of controversy around footballers being allowed to do what4ever they want when they are not playing the game.  A plumber can get dunk in the pub with his mates they argue. A bricklayer can lay a few girls with his mates they argue. Why do footballers have to control their off field behaviour?

What this argument tells you is how stupid football players are.

Football (and I am talking all codes here) is exactly the same as the miss universe contest for men. It rewards outdated, old fashioned behaviours that reinforced obsolete stereotypes using a little skill and a little talent; Identical to beauty contests.

Of course, to be attracted to a beauty pageant, you have to be very dumb. The same with football. To be attracted to playing it, to want to work as hard as you have to work to get up in the game, you have to be very dumb.

One day, we will be over football and we will be over beauty pageants. They were useful when we needed to reinforce certain stereotypes in order to cope with the difficulties of getting through the day. We’re evolving past all this now and the time has come to let these old-fashioned ideas go.

Football being one of them,.

In romance novels men often like football. However, it is never an excuse for rowdy or inappropriate behaviour. Footballers themselves are sexy built men who pander to and deeply care for their women. Men who watch football are sexy built men who pander to and deeply care for their women. No footballer or footballer watcher is ever, a Neanderthal or an abuser of women.

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