Thursday, July 30, 2009

Because men think the most important things of all don't matter or are too threatening


If you want to discuss football, cars or horror movies your man will be a part of it.

If you want to discuss porn, funniest home videos or Borat the man is the first to comment.

But if you want to talk about current affairs, science or literature – he’ll ask you to fit it into a commercial break.

If you want to talk about your children, your sex life or god forbid your day, then he has no time, or he is ‘suddenly distracted’ by something else.

The truth is, most women have trouble getting their man to openly and properly discuss any subject including politics, science or technology. Each of these discussions will soon deteriorate into a battle of wills, governed by the male desire to defeat rather than a pure clean rational discussion or debate about ideas. Any slightly deviating opinion from his will be seen as a challenge to his masculinity and any major deviation categorised as straightforward madness.

The best a woman can hope for is that he may decide to ‘take you on’ a la Henry Higgins, and work on you, help change you, help you grow in your realisation, till you see the error of your ways and end up thinking the exact same way as him.

In romance novels men adore deep intellectual conversation. They do not see alternate opinion as a threat to their very manhood and they don’t think your ideas automatically mean you think his are crap. He’s excited by your independence, confident in your love, and keen to stick by your side and watch you grow.



  1. You seem to really have run across some unfortunate men in your time! To be honest, I find it a struggle to find ANYONE willing to have an in-depth conversation about philosophy, politics, literature, etc., male or female - with a few notable exceptions [people whom I keep as close as possible!] people generally get a few sentances in and suddenly develop a keen interest in the weather.

    Anyway - do try not to tar all of us with the same brush, will you? I understand your frustration, but there really are those of us males out there who read good books, take an interest in our society [we may even vote!] and rejoice as much in an intelligent woman to have a conversation with as an intelligent man - I'm not saying it's the norm, but we do exist!

    Take care - I really like your writing style, I'd love to see some other stuff you've written. Keep on the lookout for better people than you expect - nolite te bastardes carborundorum, right?


  2. Background Bob;

    All though your statement has merit, you are taking the blog more seriously than perhaps you should. Have you not noticed that the other entries do not apply to "everyone" as you said. They merely explain the characters in romance novel with the idea that most, key word, men and women do not act in the same manner as the characters.

    Furthermore, closing your statement with a Latin quote, does not bring strength to your argument. Even though it serves as a motto for several organizations and such, it is not proper Latin and only weakens your stance.


  3. Hah, sorry if I appeared to serious - it was all meant in good humour, something I apparently don't transmit too well!

    The quote is pig-latin, yes, it's from Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale'. It was meant as humourous encouragement, I suppose - again, apologies if I don't articulate myself as well as I'd like to think!


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