Monday, July 13, 2009

Because men think they can speak for women

Man with white shirt holding the planet earth

Men think they can speak for women. They think their music speaks for women, their literature, their scientific observations, their paintings and their religions.

However, if you were to say that men and women are the same, the largest outcry will come from men. Men and women are intrinsically different they will cry - and the mental difference is physical (even though we haven’t been able to scientifically prove that yet – an irrelevant point.)

Somehow, through some superhuman ability, men can’t work out what women think, and yet are able to speak for them politically and artistically. If you take the local guy in the pub complaining about his woman, he will shrug his shoulders and say “don’t ask me how they think”. If you took the same man, and told him 52% of the parliament should be allocated to women because they need to represent 52% of the population and the male politicians don’t understand the needs of that portion of the population, he would argue that this makes no logical sense.

Of course it is completely logical. Either men do know how it is for women, because men and women are the same, or they don’t know how it is for women because men and women are different. If they are different, then you need their voice, because the men can’t reproduce it.

This rational logic is completely lost on men, because as we have seen before they are very emotional creatures with almost no capacity for logic.  To further anecdotally prove how similar men and women are, women usually miss this simple point as well.

In romance novels, it is an already always assumption that you need the female perspective.  It is assumed that if your man is ‘all man’ that he doesn’t know how it is for women, and that man and woman need to work it out. Of course the woman’s perspective is not deemed more valuable than the mans, but of equal value. Each would never tell the other what they are thinking or what they should be thinking.


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