Thursday, July 23, 2009

Because women always go to the toilet in pairs


Two wrongs don’t make a right

Why do women always go to the toilet in pairs?

This question has been answered in many different ways, by men and by women.

Women will tell you they go to feel safe, to be in company and to be less conspicuous.

Men will tell you they go to talk about men, make themselves more beautiful for men, to compare notes they’ve taken on the men at the table and analyse what each other thinks and to borrow lipstick  from each other to improve how they look to the men.

One reason women go to the bathroom together is solidarity.

They need to check in with each other. Women are so obsessed with their own opinions images and general presentation that they need to run everything by their friend in the privacy of the ladies room.

However, even bigger than that, the primary reason women go to the ladies room together is for fear of looking stupid if they go alone. If they get lost, if they are unsure, they want to do this in partnership – they don’t want to look silly.

In romance novels the women only ever look silly when they are being silly, and not simply for making simple mistakes. They have the confidence to go to the bathroom alone, not worrying at all about losing their way.



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