Sunday, July 19, 2009

Because women ask men if they're too fat


A mean end is justified

If you are going to ask your man this question, you are not going to hear what you want to hear.

That is simply how it is.

Think about it for a moment. What is it you REALLY want to hear when you have asked this question?  If he says no, you’re not too fat; it’s not really satisfying is it? And if he says yes, you really need to lose a little weight; you’re probably going to break up.

What you are really looking for is relief from the moment you are having which is anxiety about how much weight you’re carrying. Unless your boyfriend is a doctor and you are sitting in his office as a patient, the very fact that you are thinking this means you are in an inauthentic moment of low self esteem. You’re probably thinking about the latest model on the cover of vogue, or how you don’t quite fit into your favourite pair of jeans at the moment.

The point is, what you need right now is beyond the abilities of a mere male to provide. If you really really MUST discuss this, ring a girlfriend. But you’re much better to not talk about it at all but to make a mental note to actually see a doctor to discuss your weight in a professional capacity. 

By placing this sort of pressure on a man, a woman is specifically looking for the arguement that she is hoping will divert her from how bad she feels at the moment about her weight. If her boyfriend is not completely convincing in his adoration of whatever size she is, she will cause an argument that almost allows her to blame him for the fact that she may be (or may not be) overweight.

In romance novels men are aggressive in their compliments and they always find full figured women sexy. Men drool over a woman as she eats a healthy full sized meal, they lust after the woman whose plus sized jean clad backside rounds further as she bends over, and they choose the size 16 and up woman over the size 6 woman.  Women never have to ask their men if they are attractive or if they are carrying too much weight, because their man has told them many times that day to not lose any weight – he couldn’t bear to part with 1 centimetre of her.


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