Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because women invent new names for their errors to get out of them

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'Tis divine to err against humans

One of the advantages to making a mistake is that it is only likely to be picked up by another human.  This means when another human finds out you’ve made an error, you can simply say ‘no I didn’t.’

Women have become quite adept at getting through this. Individually, their mistakes are usually noticed by their own children so it is easy to explain them away to kids. If they make them in front of their husband, they can claim that he doesn’t really love her, that he loves to point out her mistakes or that she has an alternate perspective.

This last one is how woman, on the universal level, is letting everyone know that she isn’t really making mistakes at all. The standard by which we judge anything, you see, is taken from the male perspective, which ultimately means, no standard set up can judge a woman.

While this may be true, it does get used by women (and some men) to allow for inactivity or general cruelty. When a woman is cruel, she is oppressed and lashing out, and when a woman is inactive, she is bored and been pushed hard into a life she had no control in setting up.

Women and some men (they used to be called sensitive new age guys) will use women’s tricks to get away with a multitude of ‘sins’ by ‘explaining’ things in these ways. Tables are turned, ideas are read backward and in the end an accomplishment turns out to be simply getting through the day.

In romance novels the women have lived up to great accomplishments – even by traditional male standards. While they are women, they are still able to achieve at a level that anyone can tell is a success and at the same time retain their femininity. No wonder so many women love them so much.



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