Saturday, July 04, 2009

Because women prefer material gifts to emotional gifts

engagement ring in red rose

On the surface women appreciate love and romance. They crave it. They’ve been conditioned for a long time to believe that emotional security from a man is the best way to succeed and to be seen as a success.

However, when it comes down to it, the thing that REALLY makes her feel special, is how much you spent o n her, and if she can show that thing off to her friends.

If you give her a poem, she can’t really show that off. Well, she can, but her friends are not guaranteed to be envious. If the man that wrote you the poem is very faithful and openly so, it goes a long way to increasing the woman’s status, but nothing really does it like a gift.

And expensive gift.

There is a reason women have been stereotyped as money hungry when it comes to men. That is because for the most part, they are. You see many women expect that they will be very unhappy in love. You’re better to be unhappy with a rich guy than with a poor one, so they lose the discerning streak that asks them to be fussy. It’s a catch 22 type situation.

Of course nothing is as potent as the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. If this is big and expensive, there is very little you can give a woman as exciting as this gift. Just a warning, it is bad taste to give it to her for Christmas or birthday – that’s a sign of being cheap that negates the cost of the ring. You’re better to keep all the presents plentiful and separate. That shows her how much you love her.

In romance novels the women don’t need material gifts as much as real women do. They are more secure and far more able to buy their own wonderful things for themselves. One thing that does tend to be consistent, however, is the wealth of the men in romance novels. Even forward thinking, progressive women still enjoy the fantasy of the ultra rich man falling in love with them.


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