Monday, July 06, 2009

Because women think laziness is introspection

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Half a loaf is better than...  getting something done.

We’ve seen in this blog before some of the great lengths women will go to in their quest to avoid actually having to do something. But nothing beats confusing laziness, for introspection.

A woman will sit for hours, sometimes days, and look at her to do list, lamenting how involved and long it is. It took hours just writing it. They will stare at it, agree that the job is half complete, go and grab lunch with friends, come back and when the list is still there with no ticks against it, they will ‘self examine’ for hours.

This will include phone calls to friends about the ‘emergency’ of not getting anything done, and ‘going into overwhelm’, a visit to a therapist, or a massive chocolate binge. A woman will nurse a to do list for days, not even getting a third of it done, while her friends will tell her this is happening to her because she is so busy.

Anything to avoid actually getting something done.

But worse than all of this, is the introspection and analysis required to justify it all. There will be hours spent going over the variety of feelings that a bored inactive woman will go through. In fact all she has is her feelings, so she will work out where they came from, what their triggers are, buy four self help books, watch a couple of Oprah shows and get on the net and ‘study’ procrastination or overwhelm, all so that she can avoid actually having to do something.

In romance novels women don’t have time for excessive introspection. They are so busy getting away from demons or devils or bad men in general that they don’t need to entertain ideas of massive self analysis. In fact, often, the woman obsessed with study of her thoughtless mind, will often turn to romance novels. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always find the inspiration found there will lead her to action.


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