Thursday, July 02, 2009

Because women think their problems are unique

businesswoman headache

The most wonderful thing about all the new electronic modes of communication is that women have found new and wonderful ways to tell everyone about the difficulties they are having emotionally.

It may be a quirky irritation with the guy who sells cupcakes at the shop down the road, it may be the latest analysis of the ex boyfriend, currently boyfriend, soon to be boyfriend or husband. No matter what it is that women are going through emotionally two things are certain:

1)      She thinks it’s never happened quite this way to anyone else

2)      It’s a cliché

Women constantly have ‘breakthroughs’ in this own self discovery. If men avoid honest self analysis by working hard and playing hard, women avoid honest self analysis by a faux self analysis that is really an opportunity to create excuses for all the things she won’t or can’t do.

A woman will have one of these breakthroughs in the shower, car, lying in bed, cooking dinner or especially at work, when she is supposed to be working. Breakthroughs are especially common when a woman is at work. This is when face book or msn come in so handy. Twitter is not quite as handy as there is not enough room to provide a detailed analysis of the breakthrough she’s had that day about herself and her own behaviours.

IN romance novels women don’t tend to be complainers or into overanalysing their situation. Usually if they have a problem that needs solving, they solve it. Men help, or they don’t. Intelligent women read romance novels because the women in them are the women we all wish we were.



  1. ROD THE WOMEN SMARTS ADORERJuly 2, 2009 at 10:47 PM

    Dear Honey,

    please forgive my macho thinking but your intelligence is really awesome, funny enjoyable. You may think i say that to everyone. not true.

    I wish you are a wonderful and beautiful woman, if not you must be an equally wonderful person.


  2. Is it wrong of me to point out that the heading has an error? I believe you mean "their" not "they're."

    I make that mistake all the time. :) (your/you're is another)

  3. Not at all!
    Haste makes many errors. I appreciate the heads up.

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