Sunday, July 12, 2009

Because women think they need plastic surgery

lip augmentation

It ain’t over till the fat lady.... loses weight.

Women get plastic surgery. This is an ugly fact of life that has moved in and forced us all to make distinctions between things called Botox, liposuction, chemical peels and surgery. In this day and age we know about things like this because it has become so commonplace.

While I would never do this myself, I do have sympathy for those in the public eye who do have to do it. I haven’t turned 40 yet, but I am told it can be brutal for a woman who has been recognised as beautiful in her life to confront old age about time. It seems to be when women start considering cosmetic surgery in the world of the rich and famous.

What I do not understand is women under 40 getting corrective surgery done on their appearance.

But the thing above all the others that prevents me from understanding is that it doesn’t look good!

Plastic surgery. Especially to the face, makes an older woman look ridiculous. It is obvious that they have had the surgery done – and really this wouldn’t be an issue, if it was worth the time and the money. But when it makes a woman look so frighteningly cat like, it’s just a sad and scary commentary on where the world is at right now.

Ok, so in the past women were just put on the shelf at 40 – now they can look like cat woman and at least still be cast in movies (look at Meg Ryan or Sarah Jessica Parker). It is definitely better than disappearing.

Breast augmentations almost never look good. An attempt to make breasts look ‘perky’ usually results in them looking like upturned urns that have been stuck onto the scrawny chest of a sad looking junkie, and (this bit kills me) they are rarely in the right spot, matching or a proper pair. This I really don’t understand. Why get them done if you are going to look worse?

As a woman who likes to ‘bat for both teams’ I infinitely prefer the natural look – every time, no matter how old the woman is – to an augmented, adjusted, look that says nothing to me but denial.

In romance novels there is no plastic surgery because every woman is desirable and beautiful and gets better and better as she gets older.


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