Thursday, July 09, 2009

Because women won't talk about money

Money Money Money

Women don’t like to talk about money. In our society - less so now than it used to be, but still true none the less – money talk is not considered genteel. It’s sort of ugly, crass, and considered an affront to those who have little.

Today money talk is a little more acceptable, but it is still considered bad manners to talk about it out loud, and mostly because of the fear of offending someone who has less than everyone else.

Women will go to great lengths to hide the money conversation. They don’t like to highlight it, preferring to show sympathy and empathy for those in the group or their clique who don’t have money.

This belief that money should not be discussed is at odds with women’s innate desire to look as though they have a lot more money than they actually do. Of course you can’t be seen to have a lot of money if people can’t tell that you have a lot of money. So women have to go to great lengths to ensure people ‘accidently’ find out that they have a lot of money. They will wear clothes they can’t afford, carry accessories they can’t afford, name drop celebrities they don’t know, make accidental comments about their husbands expensive job and suggest meeting in expensive restaurants for dinner.

In this way, they get to look like they ‘don’t care about money’ to the poorer people around them ‘even though they obviously have a lot of it’.

In romance novels the heroes and heroines often have money, and they often don’t. However, if they don’t have money, they are usually very fulfilled. Everyone acts as though they don’t really care about their money regardless of how much they have; in fact they really don’t care about how much money they actually have. For women, who love money very much but tend to feel quite guilty about that, this is real integrity.


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