Saturday, October 10, 2009

Because men use sexual aggressiveness to mask sexual weakness

Go-kart Action

“What passes for women’s intuition is often nothing more than men’s transparency.”

George Jean Nathan

It is important for men to understand something. Now that Freud has introduced psychoanalysis and Lacan has refined it and it has all been translated and English speakers have these books available in the bookshop down the road, we understand things – at the social level – that were masked before.

This is not a huge threat to women (although women will act like it is a huge threat – more on that later) but it is an enormous threat to men.

Gone are the protections of God. Gone are the protections of Sate. Gone are the protections of biology. When men act out – particularly with sexual aggressiveness – they now look like sexual losers.

A recent ad campaign here in Australia showed people in the street making fun of men speeding in their cars by wiggling their pinkie fingers – thereby implying a man who speeds in his vehicle in order to impress others, has a small penis (you can check the ad out here). Men really need to realise, you’re going to have to do more work these days than instant conditioned response.

The truth is, when you flirt with another woman in front of your girlfriend, it’s seen as a problem with the size of your penis and your ego – not your girlfriend. When you bag out homosexuals, the people listening to you assume you have latent feelings of desire for other men. When you go out with your mates instead of spending time with your kids, people assume you are acting out trauma from your own childhood, and that you need a good therapist.

The wife walking in while you’re screwing the secretary, acting horrified,  lust taking her over and then joining in  is considered to be puritanical porn – the kind of porn fifteen year old school boys like, but that shouldn’t excite you past your late teens. We all now know too much about what makes men tick, to be fooled by these behaviours.

What men need to realise is that we’re all wise now – and not only do women and other men expect more, but they’re laughing at you or worse, pitying you if you aren’t up to it.

In romance novels, male characters use the noble male condition to create their own style of ‘Ubermunch’. The ‘superman’ is available to every woman. He is physically superior, emotionally responsible and in good psychic shape, and above all deliciously devoted to his woman. What woman wouldn’t want to get addicted to romance novels?



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