Thursday, December 17, 2009

Because men can't understand a woman's basic needs

Men often complain that they don’t understand women. In fact, aside from complaints about sex, this is one of the biggest irritations about women that men will come up with.

But, is it really true that men don’t understand women?

I mean, how hard can it really be?

Men are able to understand machines. They can invent them, pull them apart and (hopefully) put them back together again.

Men can understand mathematical equations. They can understand light speed, voodoo economics, philosophical applications and the theory of relativity.

They can turn a dollar into one hundred dollars on the stock exchange, calculate compound interest, discover psychotherapy, practise as a psychologist and discover neural pathways in the human brain.

Apparently, the following needs of a woman, however, are completely beyond him:

  1. Her need to be held

  2. Her need to be noticed

  3. Her need for respect

  4. Her need for something productive and valuable to do

  5. Her need to extend herself intellectually

  6. Her need to talk with her friends

  7. Her need to care for the children (which includes her need to have a break from the children)

  8. Her need to care for her parents

  9. Her need to bitch about her mother which you are not allowed to do

  10. Her need for sex that includes her pleasure

In romance novels, all a woman’s basic, human needs are met. Not only are they deeply and properly met, but they are met by their gorgeous buffed lover, who understands her needs because he taps into his own needs, recognises hers and gives her what he would want for himself.  This is another reason women love erotic romance novels.


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