Sunday, December 06, 2009

Because men refuse to learn how to do women's work

Caption Reads:

"There are only a few sheets left...

I'd better change it now."

(Pic and caption taken from 'Porn For Women' website)

“My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance”


We live in a different world these days.

Women are driving cars, voting and as Henry Higgins would say, ask for advice, listen most polite and then go out and do precisely what she wants!

Things have changed for the men too. They’re expected to do things they’d never considered doing in the past. They have to get up from delicious slumber to hold crying babes, come home to cold dark houses without dinner smells if the wife’s still at work, wash the dishes in the sink (as opposed to spraying them with a high-powered hose outside) and occasionally vacuum.

Of course men fought having to do this. They held the tidal waters at bay for many centuries but when that dam burst it buried the small kingdom it had previously nurtured and men were forced to accept they will have to do some of the work they’d previously assigned to people with vaginas.

Now for men, doing some of these jobs is tantamount to actually having a vagina and this is a real mans worst fear. If he is seen washing his own clothes, hanging sheets on the line or – heaven forbid – cleaning the toilet, he is quite sure he will be mistaken for a woman. It’s a fine line a man walks here. He does not want to incur the wrath of his lady fair (and unfortunately she does have a newly found logical point about not having to do all the housework while she’s been at work too) so men have become very crafty at working the situation to their advantage.

If there is anything they don’t want to do they simply do such a crap job, that blind Freddy can see the task would have been better had it not been attempted at all, and the frustrated female simply pushes him out of the way with a curt “oh let me do it.”

He looks at her like a puppy, laments that he is useless, makes a comment on her remarkable skill at getting that baked on grease off that pan, grabs his beer, flops in front of the television and imagines himself at the top of the food chain, once again.

In romance novels women never have to deal with the cunning petty manipulations of men. Buffed men with round brown muscles bulging, don frilly aprons and not much else, demanding that she get off her feet at once so he can cook her a nice healthy meal that is 100% on her diet plan.

(Porn For women is a Book produced by the Cambridge Women's pornography Cooperative and is available here.)


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