Monday, December 14, 2009

Because men will avoid difficulties and hope that they just go away.

Never underestimate the lengths a man will go to in order to avoid anything that he has been unprepared for in life.

That means anything involving:

 talking about how he feels about something; explaining his behavioural changes toward you; organising or buying new clothes; visiting a doctor for a routine check up or anything that is less severe than at least a few litres blood loss; haircuts; housework beyond the basics that a person outside the home may notice; how he feels about children or what his plans for the future are.

In fact, anything where a man has to take responsibility for himself you will find him reluctant to follow-up on. Never expect him to say something out loud - other than football details, car details or work details – because declarative sentences are feared almost as much as taking responsibility for themselves.

This is what lies behind the whole “I just want to sleep with her” thing. Have sex with a stranger is a way to avoid intimacy. And it is a particularly useful way, if you are already in a relationship with another woman. You get to destroy to avenues to intimacy with one stroke – so to speak.

All this would be acceptable if it was what men wanted, but it isn’t. They want to be in relationships, they want to settle down with “the woman of their dreams” (remember they invented marriage) but have no idea how to take responsibility for that desire and make it happen in their lives.

Of course, these generalisations do not apply to all men, however I will bet any man, if he is close to a female and asked her if she ever got the impression he tries to avoid being responsible for himself, I bet she can come up with a couple of examples to replace those listed above.

In romance novels the men are decisive and they get what they want. Every hero wants to make his vision come true. Every hero wants to be in a relationship with the heroine and every hero will stop at nothing to make that come true. It’s very hard not to admire someone with that much backbone!


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  1. So basically you are saying all men are emotional toddlers. I think you are probably meaning the men women tend to date. Men in romance novels do housework and get physical exams?