Monday, December 21, 2009

Because women act like they hate their men when they want their men to come closer

I have said on this blog many times that women send confusing signals and don’t take proper responsibility for what they want and making that clear.

However, there is very little as confusing as this particular topic. Often, when a woman is treating you like shit, it is because she wants you to come closer to her and reassure her.

Now, I’m no rocket scientist. But even I can tell that any person, male or female, that gets a combination of the cold shoulder treatment, monosyllabic responses and passive aggressive door slamming, is going to want to run for the hills as soon as they get a chance.

It is usually when a woman is feeling at her most vulnerable and needs someone the most that she will act like the biggest bitch.

Now, why is that?

Primarily, she wants you (no matter if you are the man in her life of her best girlfriend) to reach out. She thinks you should be able to SENSE it. Just like she does when she does all those little things for you that you barely notice – you just thought she liked to do it and it is a happy accident that you love / needed that too – she wants you to come to the party without her asking you.

And bingo, you realise the woman you take to your bed each night has regressed to the little girl you’d never actually met.

Women will not take responsibility for what they want, when they want this sort of emotional care. No, you should KNOW what they need and damned if they’re going to fill you in on the details. It needs to be spontaneous. To spring magically out of the unique love that you share, even if it took two days of passive aggressive behaviour to get you to wake up.

In romance novels, all the men are as intuitive as the woman in their life, or they go to a much-loved (and very loyal) best friend who will fill them in. The men do not just sit on the couch while all the banging is going on around them thinking if she doesn’t tell me, how do I know what the problem is? No, the hero in a romance novel will literally tilt the earth on its axis if it meant he was able to get to the bottom of why she came home in such a bad mood.


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