Sunday, December 13, 2009

Because women can't tolerate male imperfection

"Women get the last word in every arguement. Anything a man says after that is a new arguement." Anonymous

This is a bit of a doosey isn’t it?

 Where men will barely notice their women (perfections or imperfections) men’s errors, lapses in judgement and imperfections seem to rate under the Richter scale for irritation. Women will analyse and magnify any imperfection their man or a man close to them has performed and have no conscience at all about giving him what for over it.
Let’s take a look at the list of errors men make that are hated by women. These are not in any particular order:
1. Putting their clothes etc in the wrong place when the house is clean
2. Not ‘appreciating’ dinner
3. Thinking your day was worse than hers
4. Reminding her of her father
5. Reminding her of your father
6. Not noticing she had her hair done
7. Getting upset when you found out how much it cost to get her hair done
8. Thinking her best friend is horrible when the best friend is in the good books.
9. Thinking her best friend is lovely when the best friend is in the bad books.
10. Sitting down and relaxing when she is still busy with things that don’t need to be done.
Some of these aren’t even character flaws.
Part of the problem of course, is that both men and women have built men up. They’re supposed to be “hunters” , most excited when they’re out there making lots of money or gathering up heard of wilder beast for dinner so they can bring it all home panting in sweaty thrill of having provided. Because no man is ever this creature, could ever be this creature or has ever been this creature, the stay home wife who is doing her best to “act naturally” and care for the cave, is pissed off to high heaven when you cut work early, had a drink with the boys in front of the football at a topless bar.
It is every single time a man falls short of the illusive ideal, that the woman gets endlessly, relentlessly shitty. And when the ideal is unobtainable, it happens pretty often.
In romance novels, the women have designed the men according to spec. These men are the ‘real’ men. The men women keep being told over and over existed all those years ago, the men that are supposedly at the genetic throbbing heart of every walking talking male today. Not those poor lost souls struggling to keep up with an ideal they can never hope to attain.


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