Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Because women have the wrong kind of power

"I asked a Burmese why women, after centuries of following their men, now walk ahead. He said there were many unexploded land mines since the war." Robert Meuller

In my not so humble opinion, the coupling of the sexes has very little to do with reproduction, it has far more to do with power.

This is played out once the initial throes of copulation have been exercised. After all, if it were all about biology both sexes would be happy to move on. However both sexes want to hold on to the other. Both of them would like the freedom to move on and yet strangely both start to set up, obey and try to outwit the other on certain “rules” that are laid out at the start of the relationships. Sometimes the rules have been divined by them, sometimes they’re invisible rules that were created many centuries ago, but are so imbedded in our psyche that we are committed to them beyond an y hope for free will.

The bulk of these are mercilessly played out by women.

Women will use the power that has been allocated to them – that is sexual power and emotional warfare, to maintain power in a relationship. They don’t use power like intelligence, self-respect, confidence or strategy to gain power over themselves – which is a higher option for all human beings.

Instead women will use emotional power to run the household, ruling with an iron fist and making everyone who lives in the same premises as her feel guilty about anything that they want to do that may disobey any of the rules that none of them had a hand in setting up (nor did they officially agree to them).

They will use their sexual power to hook their man and then use it to seduce other men half way (rarely actually authentically following through) throughout their life into getting what they want.

In romance novels power between couples is shared. The decidedly macho guys encourage the use of positive e power in their women and the women don't take advantage of popular stereotypes in order to gain access to short-term power. This for a woman is an ideal, even if in real life she doesn’t even try for it.


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