Friday, December 18, 2009

Because women like girlie trinkets

I can hold this one off for a while, but it will grab me eventually. I will have lived the almost normal life of a sophisticated, mature woman, and then (usually around Christmas) my need for glitter will overwhelm me, and I will have to buy a Christmas tree bauble.

What is it about women and silly little girly bling? Does that little girl deep inside who wanted to be a fairly princess have that much control over our lives still?

You will see it everywhere.

The most mature woman will cave at some point and stare longingly at the gaudy sequined dress. The chic yummy mummy will experience a slight touch of envy as she liberally sprinkle’s diamantes all over her daughter’s fairy costume. The successful business woman will pick up the Hallmark card with the bad poetry, and the crown covered in rough scratchy sparkle and sigh as she puts it away in favour of the blank card with the Jack Vetriano print.

Usually this appalling addiction gets fed and nurtured around Christmas time. This is when “permission” of a kind is given to women to indulge these inner princesses, and sprinkle everything liberally with thirteen kinds of glitter and peacock feathers. Bling will hang off Christmas tags, Christmas trees, cakes, ham, turkey, tables, family members, the outside of homes, and every space in between as they deck their halls.

However, this obsession with things little girly and silly isn’t just confined to Christmas time. Grown women will hang pink fluffy things off their mobile phones, the end of their pens and their shoes, and still expect you to take them seriously. In fact these days, it seems to be getting worse than that. The desire to indulge these consumerist fantasies extends to insisting the ache for bling be legitimized as “female” and therefore “misunderstood and worthy.”

In romance novels, as far as I can find, bling is absent. Because romance and erotic romance are for the most part written by women for women, I can only assume in a perfect world a woman loses her desire for bling. She is able to grow up and be fully herself, confidently using her smile, her warmth and her inner charm to bring her all the sparkle she will ever need.


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