Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Because women think anorexia is beautiful

No matter what they tell you, no matter how deeply they protest, no matter how firmly convicted they sound, women deep down, secretly admire extremely skinny women.

It’s a sickness we have, a disease.

You won’t find a woman defending this admiration, or telling people about it openly, but catch her when she thinks no one is looking and she’ll be checking herself in the mirror, looking to see if those rolls are visible to anyone other than her.

Fat is still a woman’s secret shame, and this leads to an admiration for extremely skinny women.

But why is this?

It’s not for the men. They like their women to be fleshy. Not necessarily fat, but they like to hold on to her tight and not have to touch her rib cage.  No, this female obsession is all about the other women.

Skinny is a sign of superiority between women. It inspires envy because it implies control. Somehow the skinny woman has mastered her eating habits and she is able to control herself in an area where all women want total control. Because eating is such an emotional thing, it also implies she is “together” if she is thin. She has mastered the great enemy of all women – herself.

Never underestimate a woman’s need to control herself and after that to inspire envy in other women. Women will go to enormous lengths to get thinner, making themselves sick in the process. But even sickness is not as worrying to a woman as being fat. That is, of course, until she gets very sick.

In romance novels one of the most exciting things of all is that the heroines don’t worry or end up not worrying about their weight. For a woman, the idea of utopia is that you can eat what you want when you want and your lover desires you with intense passion anyway and your girlfriends are all they same weight as you. Until that glorious day actually arrives (and does not just exist in romance novels) women will continue to long to be skinny.


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