Monday, December 14, 2009

Because women think the big issues have nothing to do with them

Women like to think that the most important things in life are children and a happy home. Ok – at a stretch we’ll add in looking chic, intuitive accurate accessorising and taking care of yourself in retirement. Outside of these essential components of life’s journey, they’re all theory and no practise.

However, don’t think a woman can’t campaign.

If the school needs $4000 worth of library books, she can organise a lamington drive that will knock your socks off. If the local church needs a roster for the meals on wheels programme, she can come up with a schedule that could stream line News Corp. If local fete needs volunteers for managing the jumping castle, she’ll get you free helpers so competent your day will gain a reputation for enhancing child development.


Ask her to contribute to the latest campaign in your area to help raise funds and awareness for ending world hunger, or contribute helpers to collate research for a paper to present to the government about green house emissions, or consider getting informed enough to challenge a CEO at the next shareholders meeting about his huge bonus while shareholders lost 5%, and you get an instant deaf mute stare back at you, incapable of comprehending anything you say.

Just as a female who cooks is called a wife and a man who cooks is called a chef, so women will involve themselves in projects that involve little risk of self exposure. They refuse to tackle the large issues, choosing instead to try to talk the world into the idea that the school lamington drive is as important and valuable as ridding the world of greenhouse gasses.

In romance novels the woman is always recognised in the place that she sits rather than having to actually extend herself to be noticed. She is allowed to stick to lamington drives while her Greek God of a husband who travelled through time to find her fight off the demons that threaten the entire race, she is perfectly entitled at the end of the day to say “Yes, but you should meet our mothers group. You’ll be DYING to spend more time with your demons then.”


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