Sunday, December 20, 2009

Because women think going shopping is being creative

Going shopping is not the same as  being creative.

Just because you can match a shade of green with a certain shade of turquoise, or because you know how to fit a belt, does not mean that you are creative.

Creativity is the essence of the elevation of human endeavour. It surpasses the ability to complete research, it surpasses the meticulous detached performance of the historian and it surpasses the inquisitive rigor of the scientist. It is in itself the development of human contemplation. It is extending the human mind literally into places it has not gone before. It is evolution in progress.

Creativity has thought everything before it has been researched or proven.

It is not finding the right shoes to go with the correct skirt.

While we’re at it, neither is it, matching tablecloths with napkins, finding the perfect dog collar or baking the perfect muffin.

Women dance around the outskirts of their creative selves (and each of us has a measure of creative self- out of which our own personal vision for yourself comes) and use the smallest amount of the abundance to choose the perfect handbag. Although one taps into the resource, to actually call it creative is the same as calling buying your third television on sale, frugal.

Shopping and accessorising are not creative.

In romance novels when a woman matches the perfect green scarf with the ideal bustier her wild Vampire turned good man exclaims with delight that she is so creative, despite the fact that he just formed a divine piece of music out of nothing, dedicated it to her and performed it with unmatched elegance.


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