Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because men think when a woman does it, it's stupid

Men are very good at justifying their idiosyncrasies and laughing at a woman’s. In fact, this is an essential part of what it takes to be a “mucho man” – that you make fun of women when they do exactly the same thing as you.

Let’s not even go to sport! Men will worship football, cricket, baseball... you name it! Until women do it. Then they like to laugh.

But  take a look at the following;

(Soft porn) Men think it’s cool that girly mags have the latest game show model appear half-naked on the cover, but they laugh at Taylor Lautner being on the cover of the magazine next to it.

(Lifestyle imaging) Men love Hugh Hefner, but think Sex and the City is crap.

(Mid life crises) Men think men should “naturally” be with women twenty years younger than them but think women who have men younger than them have taken advantage of an innocent.

(Pornography) Men think porn is a necessary part of male life, but they mock erotic romance novels as “trashy”.

(Infidelity) men think men can’t help it – that being unfaithful is a part of their chemical makeup, but when a woman is unfaithful she is an unnatural whore.

(Shopping) Men will spend endlessly and plenty of money they don’t have on computers, computer parts, tech gadgets, programs, and things for their car, sports or television and sound system but when women shop it’s an annoyance and a complete “mystery” to them.

(Children) men will get tired of spending time with the kids because it is draining and often very dull, and yet they are incensed if a woman feels the same way.

(Books) Men will read really poorly written sportsmen biographies but when women want to read romance novels they laugh and say that they are filling their head with crap.

(Films) men will watch badly made terrible car chase movies - plot? What plot?  - But think films that women like are total crap.

You’re getting the idea right? I could go on and on. Men and women basically do exactly the same things, but when women do it, it is laughed at and considered to be some lower sort of foolish behaviour. In other words, men preserve difference by making fun of a woman when she does the same thing.

She loves Sex and the City because it makes her feel like a beautiful woman, which is an ideal she can never reach.  He loves watching The Fast and the Furious because it makes him feel like a macho man, which is an ideal he can never reach.

In romance novels men use the similarities to connect with women, rather than grasp at flimsy straws to create an imagined difference. The men will automatically think about how they felt doing the same thing and assume she will want to be treated the way they want. They are right of course, because these are the most mucho of all men – exactly the way women dream them to be.


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