Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because women turn into puritanists

A strange thing happens when a woman goes into a committed relationship.

She becomes God’s police and decides all single women are whores.

The wife and the whore have always been pitted against each other. It’s such a prevailing myth that there is an actual psychological condition men get, called the Madonna complex, where they can’t sleep with their wives because they see them as too pure and lovely to experience sex.

This seems to happen to women too.

Wives are pure. They are the purest form of pure.  As we have seen in previous posts, when a man marries a woman it's very tempting for him to turn her into his mother. This seems to be the scenario for the wife as well. She seems to start behaving like his mother.

And nowhere is this truer, than in the bedroom.

Like men, women get tired of the same old thing every night. However unlike men, women don’t take responsibility for this and try to get their satisfaction from their partner. What they do is, turn to a strange form of Puritanism that has no foundation in common sense but is the most zealotly worshipped religion in the world.

Of course this isn’t all women. (I will state that my sisters in erotic literature don’t seem to have this problem) However many married women instantly see single women, and sex as their enemies.

As if that isn’t bad enough, they start to regulate sexuality. They become very vocal in promoting modest behaviour. Their first attack seems especially reserved for themselves as they justify their lack of interest in sex with a kind of puritanism that implies deep thought, a certain spirituality or worst of all, a higher moral position.

At the base of this behaviour is fear. Fear of losing the man who is their power base. Therefore anything remotely connected to sex can make them feel that their man will be tempted away from them and he will take all her safety with him and she will be left alone. Better to use the only power she has, and act like his mother:

“Really? You like that? What do you think that says about you? All I can say is I hope you never share that with our children.”

And then

“No I most definitely do NOT feel like mucking around!”

In romance novels women don’t want or need to give up on sex even after they’re married. In fact the great majority of erotic romance end with a happily ever after scenario (this is because women love to feel special) and in the world of erotic romance, that means an endless world of perfect sex. The only taboo is infidelity. But then, no hero wants to be unfaithful, because his beautiful voluptuous woman can’t wait to do it to him every night when they are in bed.


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