Thursday, February 04, 2010

Accursed from their birth they be

Who seek to find monogamy,

Pursuing it from bed to bed-

I think they would be better dead

Dorothy Parker

Because men think not doing the housework is practical

I was in a group of women the other day who were all asking why their men can’t see that the house work has to be done. A very sweet man was working nearby who turned and said
it’s just that we're so practical that we know it will get dirty again, and therefore we don't see why it needs to be done.”

Now, despite this being the strangest use of “logic” I have ever headed, I need to confess that I have heard me say it before. Of course, it doesn’t apply to their car – it’s just going to get dirty – it doesn’t apply to their body – they still take showers – they mow the grass – it’s just going to grow back - so why is this thought to be a form of regular maintenance, but vacuuming, changing the sheets or, heaven forbid, cleaning the toilet, is not thought to be necessary?

Could it be as simple as men don't want to do women’s work? Is the problem with the housework that it is not the 'domain of men'? It doesn't reinforce masculinity therefore it is not a job that they want to do. Is it another example of men thinking it will turn them gay?

We have seen in earlier posts in this blog that men have to reinforce their masculinity all the time, presumably out of a fear that it is going t just float away. Perhaps cleaning the house is just way too much of a threat to the dedicate balance of keeping them from turning into women.

Is it just laziness? I don’t think is just laziness, because they will spend hours cleaning their car, and they will happily vacuum and use a spray glass cleaner on their car. But ask them to do carpets and windows at home, and you may as well be asking them to grow breasts and be the 'bitch' for all the other men in the street.

In romance novels, the men happily and comfortably clean their own bachelor pads and then will clean the house with the woman once they have established a relationship and gotten their lives intertwined with each other. Women love men who realise that they have hopes and dreams as well, plans they want to realise and that doing the housework is not fun for anyone, and just needs to be done in the course of the day, like all the other little daily maintenance chores that keep us alive and functioning.


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