Saturday, February 20, 2010

Because men are afraid of women

I know what you’re going to say. Men can’t be afraid of women. Not the way they hit them, abuse them, ridicule them in public, attack them in dark alleys, stalk them, cover them head to toe in black cloth, forbid them to leave the house, refuse them access to education, reduce their role to reproduction, legislate to control their bodies, insist women live to attach themselves to men, belittle tem and generally all round make fun of them and their ideas twenty four seven.

That’s not the sign of someone who is afraid of someone else. Is it?

I know that not all men treat women this way.

What is not known, is that the guy who treats women well, who thinks about who she is, who cares about her opinions and doesn't feel the need to belittle her in order to advance his own ego, is actually the only one who is not afraid of women.

And this guy (who I’m sure is the man reading this blog right now) is one of the vey very few, are, real men.

The “mucho dude” or “spiritual man” who needs to do all things that were stated in the opening paragraph – or even needs to do one of the things in the opening paragraph – is afraid of women.

The more machismo a man shows, the more intense and deep his fear of women.

And where does this fear come from?

It is a deep pathological fear that he is unnecessary. We'll deal with this more in future posts, but for the most part, men fear that they are not essential. Why? Because they can't make babies. They can make sperm – but let’s face it. Each man can make millions and millions of sperm. It’s the cheapest liquid on the planet. This then means that far fewer men are actually required for the perpetuation of the species.

The minute women figure this out – men fear they are doomed. At least, that is what these men are so worried about.

As I said, the world is changing and not all men are like this anymore. Some men are not even like this some of the time. Many men these days have the courage to embrace what makes them scared and learn about themselves.

In romance novels the men are never ever afraid of women. This mirrors certain men in RL who do exist- thank you evolution!! However when women paint the picture, they make sure that no men and their wonderful masculinity are threatened by anything that women might do or not do. The men here are real men who are not threatened by the actualization of woman.


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