Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Because men get god complexes

Some men break your heart in two

Some men fawn and flatter

Some men never look at you

And that clears up the matter

Dorothy Parker

"A God complex is a non-clinical term generally used to describe an individual who consistently believes they can accomplish more than is humanly possible or that their opinion is automatically above those they may disagree with. The individual may believe he or she is above the rules of society and should be given special consideration."  Wikipedia

Security guards, doctors, politicians, vets and road diggers are just a few of the professions that give men god complexes when performed.

A god complex is the puffed up belief that you are superior to everyone else because of the power you are wielding. Women don’t suffer from god complexes like men do. This isn't a superiority thing - they just haven’t had enough training.

Doctors are the worst offenders and have been singled out as guilty of this behaviour. However, if any of you have had to deal with a security guard in a large shopping mall or outside a jumping night club, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

The same with the guy who has to hold the “stop” sign at a road construction site. He isn’t just telling the traffic what to do, he's commanding the universe.

It is common to men to mistake themselves for god. This is not something that women suffer from. God, after all, is a man. All religions have ensured the most common and popular image of god is masculine.

Outside of religious belief, it is assumed that he is a man because religion is famous for its hatred of women, so it stands to reason that god is portrayed as male. This does contribute to the delusion that all men will catch themselves in at some point, which is that god is a man, and that god is he.

In romance novels men may be called gods, they may even be gods, but they never ever think of themselves as gods. Seeing as romance novels are written by women, and women would never assume any rational person would think themselves god even for a moment, men never have god complexes in romance novels – even when they're gods.


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