Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Because men will blame the woman they are with for their infidelity

Lady, lady should you meet

One whose ways are all discreet,

One who murmurs that his wife

Is the loadstar of his life,
One who keeps assuring you

That he never was untrue,

Never loved another one...

Lady, lady, better run!

Dorothy Parker

It's a tired old story and really we must discuss the women who fall for this one – and we will address that in another post this week.

But really, what is the deal here? The man who is currently cheating on his wife with you, not only has done it before will do it again, but he will cheat on you too, if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a relationships with him.

Now I am not necessarily a big fan of monogamy. However, if you are experiencing people outside of your relationship you MUST be with a person who is doing it too, or is totally ok with your experimenting. It needs to be discussed gentlemen – and I don’t mean with the girl you’re hitting on. I mean with the wife or girlfriend. She is the person you need to approach before you get it going for the chickie in the bar.

However, men are aware that women are very competitive, so they will actually use the girlfriend or wife to seduce the new woman. In many cases this works, and the man has not only successfully betrayed the person closets to him who has promised to be devoted and faithful to him, but he’s used her to get laid by someone else.

I’m not sure, but I think this may be the lowest you can go in “decent” society.

But some men will comfortably do this. They will use lines like “she doesn’t understand me” or “she doesn’t like sex” or “she’s a great mother but a lousy wife” to have the opportunity to sleaze around behind the back of said woman. We know that the primary person is he trying to convince here is himself, but come on. This one really has to die with the dinosaurs.

In romance novels men don’t cheat.


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