Thursday, February 04, 2010

Because women are flatterd when a married man wants to pick them up

Woman wants monogamy;

Man delights in novelty.

Love is woman’s moon and sun;

Man has other forms of fun.

Woman lives but in her Lord;

Count to ten and man is bored.

With this the gist and sum of it,

What earthly good can come of it?

Dorothy Parker

There is one way that women can ensure no man ever cheats again. And that is if all women stopped falling for the bullshit they spin when they seduce.

Now, I’m not talking about those poor women who find out after a while that their exciting new boyfriend is actually lying to them about his status (that happened to me once – and I think many women have this sad story to tell) but I am talking about those women who know that their guy is married or with another woman who does not know that he is cheating.

You know who you are ladies.

I know all about this, because I was one of these women in a dim dark past life also, and I can tell you, it is a sad and sorry state for a woman to reduce herself to being second best in any situation. (And trust me – the mistress is ALWAYS second best no matter WHAT lies you’ve been fed) However, I think the worst thing about it is the desperation a woman must feel to think that this man is her only opportunity or that he is worth the betrayal.

Because when someone is doing this to someone else (yes – I know – women do it too) they’re cheating on you as well. Just because you know that they’re sleeping with another woman / man does not mean you have “over” the partner who is in ignorance. Because you are the silly fool who is compromising your own opportunities for a caring relationship with ALL the benefits of togetherness, not just the sex.

I know this, because it happened to me, women who cheat on husbands, or who become the woman  a man can cheat with have poor self-esteem and no ability to take control of their lives. The short-lived burst of power is a fiction of the imagination. You have nothing over the wife or husband at home. You are merely a pawn being used in a game over which you have no control.

In romance novels men don’t cheat.


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