Monday, February 01, 2010

Because women ask the wrong kinds of questions

Because your eyes are slant and slow,

Because your hair is sweet to touch,

My heart is high again; but oh,

I doubt if this will get me much.

Dorothy Parker

 Ok. Let me lay it on the line for you ladies.

If you ask your man “would you have sex with that woman” and point to a woman walking by or close by, you are begging for trouble. For a start, he knows he’s in for it. He knows this is a loaded question and any woman who asks it is looking for an argument.

That is how you come across when you ask questions like that.

Plus, he’s in a place where his masculinity is being threatened. Don’t forget – as we have seen in earlier posts – sometimes the best way to prove you are a “man” is to piss a woman off. Better to leave him in a place where he doesn’t feel that he has to prove himself and save yourself the irritation of getting pissed off.

“Do I look fat in this” is another problem question. Save this one for your girlfriends. It’s SO the wrong thing to be asking.

Remember, the thing to go for is comfort. The dress that won’t let you exhale is a bad dress no matter how many times your boyfriend says you look hot in it. A man needs to be wowed instead. Confidence is ten times sexier than anything else and asking a man if you look good in a dress simply tells him that you lack confidence and need to fish for security. This is the kind of thing that makes him run a mile.

And here’s another one that we have visited before on this blog. Don’t ask him “What are you thinking about?”

We all know you’re hoping he’s going to say “I was wondering what our children will look like” or “I was thinking how good a new couch would look against that wall” or “I was just worrying about that guy that looked at you when we were out last night and I was hoping that you’re not attracted to him and are thinking of leaving me.”

I know those are the kinds of things you want to hear, he knows those are the kinds of things you want to hear, and no matter how wonderful your man is, or how special, how right for you or how much of a good person, he is never, ever mulling over those things. If you’re LUCKY, he’s thinking at all. But most likely he’s lost in a vague nowhere place that is not focused.

In romance novels women can ask these kinds of questions to the men they’re with because the men were written by women. Therefore when the incredibly sexy full-figured woman asks the hotter-than-hot Greek God of a boyfriend if she looks good in the dress she’s wearing, it’s probably because he bought it for her on the way home with his millions of dollars and he’s thought of nothing but how good she’s going to look in it at dinner tonight.


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