Monday, February 15, 2010

Because women try too hard and do too much

What is the motivation behind doing things for people who didn't ask you to do it and didn't actually want it done in the first place? Why would a perfectly normal human being put themselves in that position?

The almost complete definition of frustration must be knocking yourself out for someone when they didn’t ask you to do what you're doing, and then getting resentful when they don’t thank you for the trouble you went to.

As long as women refuse to take responsibility for what they want in their lives and for their own selves, they will continue to have this feeling.

A classic example of this is the clean house that more resembles a person with and OCD psychosis than a comfortable home where people are clean and their possessions are neat and cared for. This is one of the best examples of women overextending themselves and over capitalizing in what they need. Women need their homes to be beautiful so they can show off to each other and bully their families into regimented behavior. If women are going to get some real power in their lives around themselves and how they spend their very few valuable years here, then they need to let go of getting all their self esteem from how clean the house is.

This has been observed in first year university female students as well. The drive to do well has them staying up late and working so hard that they overachieve in the early days, where their masculine contemporaries are simply doing what is required of them. By mid course, the men have out ranked the exhausted women and by the end they achieve higher accolades.

Women think that if they just work hard, and get a lot done in the day, that they are productive and useful. But it is not necessarily the case. You can spend all day running around in circles and you may look busy but it does not translate that you have had a very productive day.

In romance novels women are able to have a perfectly clean house, an immaculately balanced budget, a well fitting wardrobe and excellent grades. This goes with the territory of sleeping next to a Greek God. Of course, this is a fantasy that women like to indulge in, but the intelligent women who read these books for their leisure know that it is only a story and that life isn’t nor should be like this.


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