Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Because every man thinks he's a comic genius

This is a really big one. I know it will be tough for men to understand.

You are NOT all funny. You don’t all have a brilliant sense of humor.

There it is. I said it. It’s no  out in the open and we can officially talk about it.

For some reason, men think that it is essential they make women laugh.

However, think about some of the greatest heroes in the romance novels through history; Mr. Darcy (snobby serious) Mr. Rochester (Darkly serious) Heathcliff (obsessively serious) Rhett Butler (cheeky and serious) All the way through to today – Edward Cullen (disturbed and serious).

Women love obsessions, seriousness and a driven sort of manic commitment to what they believe in. This excites women enormously.

Jerry Seinfeld is not a ladies’ man.  Spike Milligan,  John Cleese... even Charlie Chaplin, who had a way with the ladies, is not one you would call a ladies’ man.

Joking about is a way of indicating that you are nervous in the situation, and that you are nervous in your own skin. It is a sign of a lack of command over your situation. And this, gentlemen is why the women laugh. We feel your pain.

If this were the end of the sorry tale, we could all just say oh well, it’s a nervous response to their circumstances and feel for them. But of course, it never ends there. Men, as awkward in social situations as ever, and with little capacity for subtlety, simply decide the women are laughing like that because of his genius – not their generosity.

Every guy at some point in their life has decided he would be a brilliant stand up comedian, sit com writer, film script writer, or graphic novelist. All of this comes from a belief that he is, deep down a comic genius. Just ask all those women in stitches at every social gathering he attends.

In romance novels the men are far more like the men mentioned at the start of this post. They are serious – even when their not - and they are committed and obsessive. Best of all, they are serious about their lover, which above everything else, is what women like to see in their partner.


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