Thursday, March 11, 2010

Because men make foolish sacrifices for relationships that aren't working

This is one of those things that it often attributed to women, and yet men do this easily as much as women do.  They will hire an incompetent secretary because she looks good in a tight sweater, they will follow a woman down the street and try to talk to her because she has a tight skirt on, and they will stay in relationships for far too long - often because they are too scared to get out.

Martyring yourself for love has its advantages. You get to cheat on a partner and its easy to justify, you get to blame someone else for all your problems, and you get to us it to have others feel sorry for you. Men will often tie themselves to shrewish difficult women because they are beautiful, or because they feel that they look good on their arm when they go out. Men will stay in bad relationships just because they like saying “my partner” “my girlfriend” or “my wife”.

Men will often throw money at relationship in the same way a woman will throw unnecessary housework at a relationship. He expects to be thanked, loved and even understood because he has given her things. Men will keep doing this and keep doing this and keep doing this complaining all the way about how unappreciated they are.

In romance novels men take full responsibility for their part in a relationship. They may leave relationships but they stay only if it is good enough. And of course, they are always good enough!


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