Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Because men think they can buy women

In the news today there is another story of a man who gives a woman he is having sex with a large sum of money then gets angry when he finds out that she has gone back to her old life as a sex worker.

I mean really!

I hear men say all the time that women only want money. Then no one is more surprised than them when they give women money and it doesn’t ‘get’ them.

New flash! Money only buys you SEX! It doesn’t buy you love and companionship. I’m not saying that they’re aren’t women out there who will take your money happily if you have deluded yourself that this is possible – I’m just saying they don’t really love you.

Men have got to get this through their heads. Almost always, what men really mean when they say women only want money is  - I’ve only ever gone for women out of my league and the only thing I can think of that explains why they don’t want me is I don’t have enough money.

I know Hugh Hefner has grotesque looking Barbie's types and you can point the finger and say “see- all about money” but I am telling you, it isn’t the money , it is what they can get (boob jobs) with the money and so far, with the exception of one, they have all left him anyway. (Because like as if any woman, no matter how brainless, would really stay with Hugh Hefner)

Please gentlemen, learn the lesson. Women are not just after money any more than you are just after big tits. Sure, you like the look of it when you see it, but when big tits has put on some weight, is bitching about where you were last night, and is demanding you give up your internet porn, you’re going to start looking elsewhere.

It’s the same with women and rich men.

In romance novels one of the most common themes is of the woman who falls for the man and then finds out he is wealthy, when she didn’t think he was. In fact, this theme is so common, that it is very hard to write now, because it is a cliché. You can learn a lot from this. Women like to have money, no doubt about it, but higher on the scale for them is true love.

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