Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Because women go hysterical

Here it is! I can’t defend my sex in this area. Women go hysterical.

They overdramatize and make a HUGE issue out of nothing, just so that something happens in their day.

I have spoken briefly about this before. But it happens so often, that Freud basically categorized all women as Hysterics.

Now, we know that Freud was prone to exaggeration. And he was also prone to broad brush stokes. But in dealing with women, I have to confess I can see why he came up with the theory of the hysteric.  Women do make drama in order to make themselves feel valuable. And then, if they don’t get enough of it, they will turn on their own bodies and use some sort of drama to dominate and control their own body. (Think of disorders such as psychosomatic paralysis which I didn’t think even happened anymore till I met a woman who has it.)

Originally, hysteria was believed to be a disease women contracted when women didn’t get enough sex. These days it is more commonly recognized to be a state of hyper intensity around drama. I am not speaking here of genuine mental illness, that I know to be a very serious problem. I am talking about general Freudian hysteria – the drive women have to overdramatize. Hysteria can also be a response to emotional neglect or some other trauma experienced.

Women have got to learn how to get their source of self awareness and self esteem away from the comforts men offer, because men withhold them when it suits them and that’s a fact.


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