Saturday, March 27, 2010

Because women pretend they like sex more than actually doing it

"When you get married you never have sex again. It's true! It's one of the secrets that no body tells you." Sally from When Harry met Sally.

Get a group of women together who start to talk about their relationships and their sex life, and I guarantee you’ll get a 'Sex and the City’ style of conversation.

Women always talk and act like they like sex and want a lot of it.

A woman will say “I’m not that keen on him going down on me” and other women in a ten-mile radius will see this as the perfect opportunity to one-up her and proclaim to the entire world how much they love sex and how much they just can’t get enough of him “going down on me”.

However when it comes to long-term relationships, mysteriously, the sex part disappears, even though the claim that they love it remains. It must be enormously confusing for their partners is they hear their women during this conversation.

You will often hear women say “I need a lot of sex”, however when it comes to their day, sex is very low on the list and occurs more as a job they have to do for their mate.

Now there is no doubt that a lot of this has to do with their partners not being that great in bed. I can understand people not wanting to have sex if it means they have to put out and get so little back . However, as we have seen before on this blog, I do think there is a requirement on the part of a woman to be responsible for making it happen if it isn’t. Seduce the guy a little more and get him to do what you like if bed is not that hot.

Still, however, it is a mystery as to why women will still say they love sex and can’t get enough of it if it isn’t happening and if they don’t actually like what they do get.

In romance novels this is never an issue because every hero that she ends up with is the hottest guy she’s ever had and makes her totally scream in bed.

"This story is full of surprises and family secrets that will leave you wanting more.”


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