Thursday, March 11, 2010

Because women will attack other women in order to get in good with men

If the battle of the sexes could be easily reduced to men versus women, the ‘issues’ would be a lot simpler.  However, the entire conversation is far more complex than that. For example, a very dear friend of mine (lets call him Ed) is one of the strongest supporters of women I have ever known. I should also ad my wonderful husband in that list, as men who rarely if ever feel threatened by powerful women. I do think the world is making more and more of these men.

If these men exist, then so do the women who are profiting from misogyny. And I do not just mean yummy mummies and soccer mums spending their days in cappuccino bars or spending hubby’s money while the kids are at school. I am talking about the women who put women down, by speaking about them the way that men speak about them.

There are women who do this formally – journalists who get ahead by knocking feminists and other outspoken women in the media, or write books as apologists for me. Then there are other women, less overt, who use what they know very well to be dubious means in order to get ahead. These women are often found in male dominated areas, or traditional male dominated areas such as business, scientific research or as a part of large institutions. They will be happily sacrificing family while other women try to fight for more family time, or researching out dated theories because they can get funding easier, or laughing at colleagues wives when the men bitch about them at work.

The point I am trying to make here, is that women are just as guilty of keeping men and women from understanding each other, and acting responsibly together to gain what an individual needs for life. Women will actively get in the way of this process, even if it doe not serve them in the long run, for short term gain.

In romance novels the only women who are your enemy is the horrible one who is going to ‘get it’ in the end and who never ever gets the cool guy! Women love and support each other and everyone wants to see everyone else happy, fulfilled and in love with the right person.


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