Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because men are too worried about their image

“It’s true – we’re locked in an image, an act.” Jim Morrison

Men care too much about their image. This is heart the heart of machismo – image. In fact the tragic thing about machismo is that it is only an act. No one can actually BE that kind of man, although so many have tried.

To think men don’t think about their image is to restrict the work image to a female one. Men think about image constantly, however because their musings are socially sanctioned, they don’t occur as an obsession with their image.

For example, a man thinking all the time about money, is thinking about his image.

A man thinking all the time about sport, is thinking about his image.

A man who is thinking about a new car, a new boat, a going out with the mates, or getting a promotion at work is thinking about his image.

It’s traditional that we assume women focus on their image more than men, but women may (and I really mean MAY) focus more on appearance, but I would argue very strongly, men think about their image a lot more than women do.

Which of course means men are always worried about how they are perceived. Are they seen to be wealthy, attractive, libidinous, strong, in charge and intelligent.

In romance novels the men are happy to confess that they are concerned about the way they are perceived. Either that or they genuinely don’t care about the way they are seen, and their woman comes in to rescue them from such a lack of care about the way others see you. Either way, the men in romance novels always end up caring about how their woman sees them.


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